#Sweating On Sundays Part III

If you have been following every Sunday, I post a new workout routine called #SweatingOnSundays. So enjoy the new workout and let me know what you think. These workouts are catered to people who are bored with treadmills and elliptical and want to make sure they are getting their cardio in to burn fat as well as building strength and muscle.

(You can click on any exercise for a quick link to a video showing proper form and how to perform each exercise if you are unfamiliar. Remember only you know your limits, so be smart and go at a pace you can handle)

Each exercise is done one after another without break. You have a 5-10 minute break after you have completed each exercise in order. Once your break is finished you go through the entire routine again. (Note: All Cardio Bursts are done in sprint-like intensity)

  1. Push ups  50 – 75 reps (vary on experience)
    Cardio Burst: Mountain Climbers – 1:30 – 2:00 minutes  (vary on experience)
  2. Oblique Twists 5-20 reps (vary on experience)
    Cardio Burst: Latter runs 2 minutes- 3:30 (vary on experience)
  3. Lat Pull Down 20-35 reps (vary on experience should fail on last rep)
    Cardio Burst: 40 meter sprint 5-15x (vary on experience)
  4. Jump Squats 20-50 reps (vary on experience)
    Cardio Burst: Stairs  5 sets of stairs (vary on experience should have 25-50 steps per set)
  5. Over Head Press 15-30 reps (do a weight you will fail by on the last rep; vary on experience) – No Cardio Burst after go right to next exercise
  6. Pec Butterflys: 25- 45 reps (vary on experience should fail on last rep)
    Cardio Burst: Burpies – 15-25 reps (vary on experience)
  7. Russian Twist 1:30-2:00 minutes (weight vary on experience to last duration)
    Cardio Burst: Sleds 45lbs 10-20 reps (vary on experience)

Enjoy the new routine and as always stay motivated, that is the key to success in health. Never Quit!




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