Weekend Warrior

Do you enjoy the occasional beverage? If you’re anything like me, you went harder than you care to admit during your post high school/college years and giving up the fun times has been hard ever since. Responsibilities, loans and work have become your life ever since that era ended. The vast majority of us are all in that same boat. Weekends end up becoming the only time we can forget about our normal boring lives and let loose. This is our time to turn into our alter ego; the weekend warrior. I fall victim to it all the time. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, there a just a few things to keep in mind before you go hard this weekend.

Alcohol is a simple sugar which is quickly absorbed in the stomach. What does that have to do with anything you ask? It means that since it is absorbed so rapidly, it causes a huge spike in your body’s insulin levels. However, what goes up must come down. At this point you may still be wondering what my point is. Well, with that huge crash after your quick insulin spike comes heavy cravings for sugar/carbs.

Think back to those infamous late night fast food/frozen dinners you ate after a long night of drinking. It wasn’t just the fact that your sense of judgement had been impaired from the alcohol. It was actually your body’s physiology was telling you that you it needed to replenish sugar/carbs, or it will crash. In turn this lead to eating more food. You may not have noticed, I certainly didn’t at the time, but there is a whole industry that found a way to make extra money off this as well. What business you ask? Restaurants. I know I was shocked too… Have you ever gone to a restaurant and drank an alcoholic beverage, or had bread before your meal? This isn’t done on accident. The restaurants want you to indulge. The reason being is that after a heavy insulin crash from the bread and alcohol, you will be even more hungry when you order. This usually results in ordering more food, possibly even dessert.

I am all for having fun, but keep in mind that when you drink alcohol it isn’t just your judgement you have to worry about, your body will also be trying to fool you into eating unhealthy foods too. You have worked too hard on your health all week to throw it all away. So have fun, but do so in moderation and be in control. Rely on instinct not impulse!

Check back in tomorrow for #SweatingOnSundays Workout Routine!



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