A Second On The Lips, Lifetime On Hips

Cravings are a funny thing. Ever been in a position where you look at a large bag of chips, or a jar of cookies and think, I need to eat all of them right now? Of course you have, we have all been there. Cravings are a very powerful emotion, but the key is they are just that, an emotion. Remember the last time you were excited? It was such a great feeling wasn’t it? How long did it last? Maybe it lasted awhile, but just like any emotion, it passed. It would actually be a very awkward feeling if someone was excited 24/7, let alone exhausting. Best thing for you to remember when a craving hits is every emotion will pass and every emotion can be controlled.

When a craving hits, it seems like it will never go away. It seems like your life will almost certainly end if you don’t give in and follow your emotional state of forcefulness, but I promise that won’t happen.

Now there is good news and bad news here. The good news is, cravings, like all emotions, will usually pass after 15 minutes. The bad news is, you won’t be eating that soft delicious brownie. Why you ask? A second on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. Not literally, but it is much easier to think of it this way. Think of how much work it will take to work off that brownie goodness. Is it really worth working out for a full hour in a constant intense workout routine for just 10 seconds of pleasure that you get from eating a brownie? Don’t get it twisted, if you don’t work it off, that brownie will translate into fat stores which could actually equate to a lifetime on the hips, unless you work it off.

Now I have nothing against brownies, I am not trying to pick on them. I am referring to any and all unhealthy food. Sure there are ways to make desserts with better ingredients so they are not as bad for you, but again, it’s just a craving and unless your body is coco deficient there are many other options of foods where your body actually requires their nutrients. Just like anything in life you have a choice so choose wisely and always remember portion control is a must. Eat for fuel, not for pleasure.



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