Treadmills Are Boring!

If you are anything like me, you love losing weight fast, but hate doing repetitive exercise. I use to be one of this everyday treadmill runners that would get off to watching the calories burned count go up by the minute while running on the treadmill. Wasn’t that exciting!? However, just like anything in life, after awhile, it lost it’s flair and became just something I have to do. Once it stopped being fun, it became monotonous. It became a choir and I tried everything to spice it up. Putting my towel in front of the numbers, streaming TV and movies, listening to new music (we all know our playlist gets out dated fast — I mean how many times can you listen to the same old songs), I even tried reading, but nothing seemed to break up the repetative boredom.

I was stuck in this cycle for a long time. My knees had a constant ache and my lower back started to feel like that of a 60 year old sedentary man. I remember thinking this can’t be the only way. Sure, I worked out for 45 minutes lifting weights as well, but it wouldn’t take the place of my running. I never lost as much weight as I did running. I would be drenched in sweat after just an hour of running, where as, after 45 minutes of hitting the weights hard, I only had a few sweat spots. It just wasn’t the same. The body fat % scale just doesn’t lie. Sure there were other options like cross fit, but I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month.

It got to the point where I decided to look back into what I learned in college as a  kinesiology major and how oxidative glycolysis (the fat burning zone) only sets in after 20 minutes of strenuous continual hard breathing and exercise. In other words, the first 20 minutes of your run was a mere warm up before your body dove into the fat stores to actually start burning the good stuff. So I put my mind to work and I realized that if I incorporated what I called “high intensity cardio bursts” in between one set exercises, I would most likely still hit oxidative glycolysis, but without having to run in place on a treadmill for an hour to do it. At this point I was ready to try anything and this was an exciting idea. I would now be incorporating into my work out, little quick fast twitch muscle cardio bursts to keep my heart rate elevated and my VO2 (volume of oxygen – needed to burn fat) up. Also it would mean I didn’t have to spend as much time at the gym because I would be getting my strengthening and cardio done within an hour. This was a huge benefit because before I was lifting weights for 45 minute and running for an hour. Talk about living at the gym.

The results were in! After only doing a week of this I started to watch my body fat % drop drastically! I know what you are thinking, well my body plateaued and now that I switched up my routine I would lose a little weight until I plateaued again. Trust me, I thought the same thing, however, week after week, I kept watching my body fat %  drop! Not only did the fat % go down, I was getting stronger and leaner. I couldn’t believe it took me this long and a four year college degree to figure it out! I had been wasting all my time on the treadmill when I could have reached my goals faster and felt better overall just by switching up my routine a little. The best part was, my back pain went away and my knees actually got stronger!

If you’re in a situation like I was and you’re looking for something new, try switching up your workout routine to add cardio bursts in between your one set exercises. I know this sounds tricky, but to make it easier, I have given the starting first day workout routine below to help. I will then release a new routine every Sunday from here on out. #sweatingonsundays

So every Sunday, #sweatingonsundays, I will include a new workout routine that will keep helping you towards meeting your goal while switching up your routines daily. Every exercise will have a link to videos of how to do the exercises properly to make things easier for you. If you’re up for it, give it a shot, I promise you won’t regret doing it! #sweatingonsundays

Monday’s workout routine: Every day you will use each muscle group constantly strengthening the entire body

Each exercise is done one after the other without break all the way through. Once you have finished the entire list of exercises, one after the other, take a 5-10 minute break (depending on your fitness level) and go back and do a second set of everything including the cardio bursts again. If you are not familiar with the exercise, click on the name of the exercise which will route you to a short video explaining how to do it. Remember, always workout at your own pace, only you will know your body’s limits. 


25-50 push ups

Stairs (if your gym has them) or a stair machine -1 minute all out (this is more of a sprint)

Hello Dolly’s  30 seconds – 1:45 (vary based on fitness level)

Mountain Climbers 1 minute all out (this is more of a sprint)

Lower Back Extensions 20-45 (vary based on fitness level)

Jump Rope  1 minute – 2 minutes (this is more of a sprint)

21 Bicep curls done at a 1-2-3 pace (count it out in your head as you do each rep)

Burpies 10-25 reps (vary based on fitness level)

Squats 15-30 reps (low weight high rep, vary based on fitness level)

Sprint 400 meters (either done outside or on a treadmill, this is a sprint not a jog)

Rest for 5 minutes and repeat entire workout again without breaks in between exercises. Good luck and have fun watching your fat % drop like I did!






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